Chronicle: Rewritten Wiki

Card Types[]

The cards are separated into Rarity Tiers: Basic, Common, Uncommon, Rare and Very Rare. These Tiers each contain 2 types of cards, Creature Cards and Support Cards. For Creature Cards, you have to kill them to achieve the Card Effect. As for the Support Cards, you have to pay Gold to achieve the Card Effect.

Creature Basic Creature Common Creature Uncommon Creature Rare Creature Very Rare
Support Basic Support Common Support Uncommon
Support Very Rare

Card Sub-Types[]

Underneath the name on card, is sometime listed a sub-type. This allow for combos to be achieved when chaining cards together. For instance, defeating the card Hollowtoof after slaying 3 Goblins during a turn (or Chapter) deal 10 damage to your Rival.

Creature Sub-Types:[]

  • Beast Cards
  • Kalphite Cards
  • Goblin Cards
  • Undead Cards
  • Pirate Cards
  • Demon Cards
  • Ogre Cards
  • Tzhaar Cards
  • Dragon Cards
  • Giant Cards

Support Sub-Types[]

  • Spell
  • Location
  • Ally
  • Equipment
  • Potion
  • Action
  • Slayer Task
  • Familiar
  • Ship (Pirate)