Chronicle: Rewritten Wiki


Neutral White Wolf

Drawing is pretty simple, you pick the number of cards indicated on the special effect of the played card from among your deck.


Neutral Mimic

Remove is like loosing something. For exemple, you could remove a Rival's gold or health.


Neutral KGP Agent

Discarding cards is removing them from your deck or hand for the rest of the game.


Neutral Penguin Sheep

Spending is using one of your main ressource, ex: Base Attack, to gain another effect.


Neutral Wilderness

The player who use a Battle card will strike the Rival, and the Rival will Strike back rigth after. If you possess a weapon,it will use 1 durability.


Neutral Greater Demon

Striking your Rival is a one way hit on him. If you possess a weapon, it will use 1 durability.

Temporary Attack[]

Ariane Crawling Hand

Gaining Temporary Attack give you a bonus on your Base Attack for your next Card Slot only.


Neutral Full Dharok

If you are 15 heatlh points and below, you are considered Mortal. Certain cards only activate their special effect if you are Mortal.


Ozan Hope Devourer

Stealing something from your Rival or your next creature. It can be Base Attack from your Rival or Health from a creature.


Morvran Beastmaster

Killing creature yourself during a turn will activate this effect.


Morvran Dungeon Spider

The creature with Aggresive will attack you first when encountering them in your Card Slots.


Neutral ToKash

Getting exhausted mean that for your next Card Slot, your Base Attack is reduced to 1.