Chronicle: Rewritten Wiki

The goal in Chronicle: Rewritten is to win matches by reducing the Health of your opponent's Legend to 0 or less, thereby killing them, before your legend's Health falls to 0 or less and dies. As a player, you can play as 6 different Legends: Ariane, Linza, The Raptor, Ozan, Vanescula and Morvran. The opponent (called the "Rival") may be either a computer player (in "Solo Play" mode) or a human player (in "Play" mode). Playing the game consist of dragging Cards from your hand onto "Slots". Cards do things like give your Legends Gold, Armor, Health and Weapons, and damaging the enemy Legends. The two main types of Cards are Support Cards and Creature Cards. Before each game, you select a Deck to use. In each game, you only draw cards which are in your Deck, wich contain minimum 30 cards. At the beggining of the game, if you start first you draw 6 cards but if you play second, you draw 7 cards. After the inital drawing phase, players will have to choose which cards they keep in their hand with a Mulligan. Each new turn, you draw 3 cards.

Board 2

Each match last up to 5 turns, and both players play simultaneously during each turn. These turns are called "Chapters", and each Chapter have 4 Card Slots maximum. Not all Card Slots must be filled to complete a Chapter. In fact, it is legal to leave all Card Slots empty, although it is usually good strategy to fill as many Card Slots as possible.


In the case of Creature Cards, Legends interact by battling the Creature (You fight your own deck in the bottom row), whose Attack and Health are on top of the Card, and whose rewards (Gold, Armor, Health, a Weapon, or a permanent Attack boost) are on the bottom of the Card. In the case of Support Cards, Legends interact by paying the Gold cost on top of the Card and gaining the rewards listed on the bottom of the card. Many Cards also have text which describe additional effects which occure after killing the Creature (if a Creature Card) or paying the gold cost (if a Support Card). Card text may also have Keywords wich are special activable effect.

If both Legends are still alive after the end of the 5th Chapter, they battle until one of them die, hitting each other in succesion with their attack stat. The person who played first since the beginning of the match will be the one to hit first.